A Theory of Photography & Light

How can a still image function as art after the moment changes? I have been wondering about the light since a young age and have been trying to make good pictures for 15 years or so. I think teaching art & design has helped me to notice compositional qualities from new angles, being inspired by others' perspectives and creative thought. Finding truth through photos feels like progress in the midst of deliberation.

Maybe the role of light drawing shifted some with the introduction of the digital sensor to the camera, presenting a whole new set of questions of motive, as change often does. Part of my goal is to transmit the rays of a moment onto a print that maybe captures the essence of the place and time through composition. Shooting in RAW format, full-frame, I'm not against processing. It makes sense to me in portraiture, but I do think the more you edit an image, the more you could run the risk of loosing the truth that existed in the pressure before its role shifts away from a photograph and more towards a response to a photograph. I hope to exhibit the arrangements I noticed to swell emotion in my soul, the things that maybe made me hold my breath for a sec.

You've got to listen to your heart. Please know that I don't claim to have it figured out, far from it. It's a great age for wonder and I love learning. Every new experience provides opportunity for insight, even if that's what not to do next time. As the old adage goes, "two steps forward, one step back".   

  What drives you?

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