Getting Comfortable / by Kent Peggram

Upgrading to a much faster shutter last year has again shifted working with light. I notice the anticipation has narrowed during composition now. I delete more than ever, trying to find those still moments between the action.

I am getting more into action photography, focused in the arena of outdoor sports that happen in nature. Being a "has been" rock climber has sparked an interest in photographing this ballet on the rocks. It has been a little hard to get over myself and jump in there, as I'm not exactly a social butterfly.

Building a portfolio is a funny thing. You start out scrambling, trying to find stills that you feel are worth sharing. Its the drive to exhibit frames of time where things lined up in a way that maybe captures a glint of the essence of a moment. Then there's those big, beautiful prints on matte paper.

I don't think you're supposed to get comfortable when you notice progress in creative acts.