Open For Business as "Photography is Dead" and Nature Thrives / by Kent Peggram

SHiNE is now an LLC! I get to pay taxes and leave the cheapo hobbyist market! I get to make still images as drones swarm, as 3D camera's get the oohs and ahhs. For the past two years, I've been honing my understanding of portrait photography and will continue this for the rest of my life, enjoying it more and more, as I learn. Shooting a wedding plays on the soul in a powerful way; you could power a city for a day with all that Love. The market is saturated it seems, but the drive is loud in my head. I think about taking photos way too much probably, so I figure I should become part of a movement. I spoke with a rather disgruntled pro the other day who was mad because this chic was imitating his shots that he worked hard to find... and chose to put online. As lame as copy-catting might be, the discussion left me with the notion to simply find a better shot. I'm glad more people are taking pictures, Sure, along with that comes the hard parts of pride, but creativity drives us forward. Where would I be without those before me who had to wait on a Polaroid to develop or decide to pour their money into gear that is now somewhat obsolete? In some ways, their work is worth more than the best digital image around, while in other ways... I can't believe what photography is becoming. A recent article I read was titled "Photography is Dead". At the end of the words, all I was left with was, psshh.

With that said, I've also grown to notice appreciating not taking photos, (this usually only happens if I don't have a camera or lens worthy of the shot I see, ha). There's something special about not being able to capture it, (as I cringe). This wrung especially true a few years ago when a sting ray swam past me on the edge of an island shelf on Virgin Gorda; the camera I had with me had malfunctioned. Hating to miss that shot, it seemed the underwater field of coral and sea grass was the only place on the planet, the steel drums playing on the cheap speaker we brought on the little boat still ring loud and clear, and I still feel connected to that ray as it nestled into the sand that day. Maybe it was meant to be?

Being careful to give advice always, I would recommend to stop and engage your senses before snapping away on that shutter. Consider a different angle, Try not zooming in, but actually moving. You'll find yourself in the middle there somewhere.