Take It or Make It / by Kent Peggram

Travel can be a worth-wile investment if it's about more than satisfaction. I think roaming can change your cultural relevance if you put your ego on the shelf long enough to soak up how others live where they exist. Your view of your place in the world, and others', changes when you explore instead of whoring your dignity out to the tourist traps. Finding yourself in 'locals only' spots is good for all parties involved. We love the challenge of saving away pennies while we dream of the unseen and finding affordable ways to enjoy a little bit of diverse luxury. Planning and combing through maps/literature/internet makes me giddy. I wonder about pursuing a guiding career at some point. My wife and I recently rented a 1986 VW Westfalia and drove over 2000 miles around Montana and Idaho, me snapping a shutter most of the way. We hiked 33 miles, climbing 10,730' in elevation. Glacier National Park is the most diverse garden of beauty I've seen yet...if you can even say that.

While researching areas you hope to get to, humor can be found in trying to not ruin the shock- value when utilizing Google Earth. When combing photos of locations, I found myself creating a mental list of pictures not to take, as I usually don't care to grab the known angle. That in mind, there was this guy looking at a photo book in a store who said to a girl, "I'm researching composition for photos I want to take". while there's definitely nothing wrong with that, his statement struck me as a by-product of how the 'insta-mentality' can jade perception, even when the goal is for quality over documentation.

Maybe the challenge of pairing concept with composition is indicative of motive? While I enjoy scrolling photos from various photographers on Instagram, I know that posting a location of a view comes with a responsibility to consider the inconsiderate and how they will treat that environment. If you want to know where I took a photo, I need to know that you will be respectful of the elements that make up its beauty. Otherwise, we are selling out timeless beauty.

Life is probably either a Journey or a Box. I believe pictures Obligate, Narrate, or Imitate.