Running in the woods is good for both mind & body. pace is Dire, the hills are big, But it's all about the movement.

     Running in the woods is good for both mind & body. pace is Dire, the hills are big, But it's all about the movement.

R/C Trail Races - Series Selects

Thanks to Rock Creek Racing for having me out to shoot the 2016 and 2017 trail race series. It was a blast trying to keep up with the dedicated runners and a fun challenge to try to set up quickly in order to find composition amidst the flow of a technical race. I appreciate the chance to help promote the intrinsic value of things like conservation, exercising in the woods, and finding value through endurance while not taking yourself too seriously.

2017 Stump Jump 50K Ultra Marathon (32mi)

September - Tennessee River Gorge, Signal Mountain

It was a beautiful day for a trail race, with rejuvenating breezes on the hill-tops. The volunteers were awesome. Local John Wiygul won by a minute after a hard 3-mile climb at the end.

2017 STump Jump 10-mile Trail Race

October - Signal Mountain

Congrats to all the finishers who came out for the eastern half of the StumpJump course. Spirits were high on another breezy day. Alex Stephens of Nashville won with a time of 1:15:56.

2017 Rabid Raccoon 25K Trail Race

May - Raccoon Mountain

A riviting Spring morning out on the 'Coon made the competition a little less fierce. Nate Holland took it all home, beating his winning time from last year by a minute.

2017 TN River Gorge 10.2MI Trail Race

March - Prentice Cooper State Forest Reserve

On the cusp of Winter, out on the diverse Mullen's Cove course, egos were tested. What a great turn-out, including Ricky Gates, who just ran 600 miles across America. Bryson Harper of Hixson, TN took it with a time of 1:11:33.

2016 Trail Series


2016 TN River Gorge 10.2mi trail race

March - Prentice Cooper State Forest Reserve

2016 Rabid Raccoon 25K Trail Race

May - Raccoon Mountain

2016 ESNP 10K Trail Race

June - Enterprise South Nature Park

2016 Stump Jump 50K Ultra Marathon (32mi)

October - The Tennessee River Gorge

What a great day for a long run along the edge of the Cumberland Rim and the TN river. With all proceeds going to trail maintenance and over 4400' elevation gain, this isn't your average marathon. Nathan Holland had the lead until Marcus Faudi took him in the last 3 hard miles to win the StumpJump with a time of 5:13:29. Emily Ansick finished 1st for the women with 6:01:51. Thanks to the local rangers, spectators, and volunteers who came out. People got worn out.

2016 Stump Jump 15K

October - Signal Mountain

The original StumpJump course around the brow of Signal Mountain on the TN River Gorge. With features like Mushroom Rock and Edwards Point on the Cumberland Trail, this race was a little faster without the addition of the Suck Creek Gorge/Prentice Cooper State Forest loop. 182 people ran. Eric White from ATLwon with 01:08:40. Kp Vannoy from Rising Fawn, Georgia won for the women with 01:20:50.

2016 Stillhouse 100K Ultra-Marathon

December - 3 Gorges Segment of the Cumberland Trail

It was a long, chilly night up on the Cumberland rim. Starting at 12am in Sale Creek, TN, Stillhouse runners climbed around 12,000 feet of elevation over some gnarly sections of the Cumberland Trail, mostly under headlamp. As racers trod carefully through the forests above Sale Creek, whits where challenged and some had to look deep within for stamina. A few just couldn't quite make it, signaling their crews at one of the few aid stations on the course, no shame. Nathan Holland crossed the finish line at 12'13'48 around noon on Saturday. Runners where still out when I had to leave at 4, as the cold rain started. Congrats all!